You may have bought the home you’re in because it came with a beautiful in-ground pool. While you imagined days spent lounging poolside or going for an early morning swim, you probably weren’t thinking about the amount of work it takes to keep your pool clean and all the parts running smoothly. At CaliClear Pool Service in Fresno, we are proud to offer Top Rated Local® pool maintenance services to make your life easier. Contact us today to learn about the variety of services we offer, and schedule your basic chemical pool service today!

Our Bronze level incl.

Chemical analysis
Chemical maintenance
Visual inspection of the swimming pool equipment
Maintain service records of the pool
Real-time updates
Notifications when there are issues


Maintaining the chemical balance in your pool can be a little challenging, which is why this service plan is perfect for pool owners who would like assistance with this aspect. At Sundance Pool Maintenance, our pool maintenance helps to ensure that your water’s chemistry has a consistent baseline, so you don’t have to worry about any chemical imbalances. You can enjoy peace of mind regarding the health and chemical balance of your pool every time you get in.

ALMERIA'S Top Rated Local Pool Service

When you need assistance with fixing the chemical balance in your pool’s water, require a complete drain and refill, or other basic pool maintenance items, be sure to contact Sundance in Mojacar. We are your Top Rated Local pool service company, as we aim to provide the highest level of service for each of our clients. Not sure whether you need a pool service plan? Contact us to learn more about what each plan offers, as well as their cost. We’re sure you’ll be surprised by just how affordable and practical all of our services are. Let us take care of your pool so you can enjoy it all year long. Choose Sundance Pool Maintenance today.
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